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OIH is our compatibility WLAN. It's intended for devices that don't support neither tuermeroam nor Ethernet. 

What devices is this meant for?

OIH is at times unstable. Use it only if you don't have any other way of getting your device online.

Smart home devices such as Amazon Echo/Fire TV, Apple TV (without Ethernet), Chromecast, smart fans/toasters etc. are the target group for this network. Please note that many devices can be connected via an Ethernet adapter, which is a great deal faster and more stable. 

How do I connect?

Visit the OIH Net website and sign in with your account.

In order to add a device, you will need to find out its WLAN MAC address. If you need to finish setup to do so, you can try setting your device up with a hotspot and then going into network settings to find the MAC address.

After adding your device via OIH Net, you can simply connect using the password visible on the website.